Phallosan Forte Before and After: My Results after 6 Months of Use

There are so many different penis enlargement options currently available. Some recommend stretchers, and others suggest penis pumps. Pumps are generally not recommended, as they will not permanently increase penis size and can cause side effects.

Phallosan Forte is designed to combine the benefits of them both; it stretches the penis in a safe and controlled way to give you penis growth. It then uses a unique vacuum that can help increase blood flow, giving you a stronger and harder erection.

This Phallosan Forte review includes my real results, user reviews, how it works, clinical studies, and how to use it.

What Is Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is one of the most effective devices on the market today, and it also works faster than any other product. It is categorized as a Class 1 medical device, as it is used medically for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

This device is a much safer alternative compared to other medical treatments like surgical procedures and medication. The materials used for Phallosan Forte have all been clinically tested and proven to be safe. It passes all the medical standards of the European health authorities, so you can be assured that this device is safe to use. Because it doesn’t stop blood flow to the penile area, you won’t feel any pain even if you get an erection with this device.

Phallosan Plus+

Phallosan Plus+ is one of Swiss Sana’s latest releases, combining vacuum technology with classic extenders. This design is similar to the Sizegenetics rod-based design, but it is more comfortable around the penis. In comparison to traditional Phallosan Forte, this is a very new product. You can choose this add-on if you don’t mind paying an extra $120. Otherwise, you may always buy it after a few months of using the traditional one. This add-on is provided if you prefer a rod-based design.

What’s In The Phallosan Forte Extender Package?

Honestly, you’ll be taken aback by the various large and smaller accessories, which may cause a little anxiety. However, you will be happy to know that the package also includes a DVD and a user manual, which will help you piece everything together. It also features a convenient measuring gauge. The package includes:

Sleeve Condom: This is a hypoallergenic condom made of silicone. Three sizes are available (S-M-L); various thicknesses are also available.

Suction Bells: This is where the action takes place. The package comes with three different bell sizes (S, M, and L), which can be changed by users based on their results from the measuring gauge provided together with the box.

Protection Cap: This elastic cap protects your penis from being squeezed too hard, and it also allows for customization.

Elastic Belt: This is an orthopedic stretching belt used to treat Peyronie’s disease. The foam ring on the strap allows it to remain steady.

Tension Clip: This displays the amount of tension your device is putting out at any given time.

You should also know that there is a free Android or iOS app for your Phallosan forte.

How Does Phallosan Forte Work?

The Phallosan Forte system is designed to apply a continued stretch to the penis; this stimulates the penis tissues to form new cells. By applying this continued stretch, the penis will increase in both length and girth.

Phallosan Forte uses a patented orthopedic belt to stretch the penis. This proved to be painless and comfortable. Unlike many penis stretchers, this makes it possible for you to wear Phallosan Forte at night while you are asleep.

The device should be worn for a minimum of 6 hours per day, although the recommended time is 10. Because it is made with a belt system, it doesn’t draw attention to itself. It can be worn all day without anyone noticing.

How Do You Use It?

Phallosan Forte is very easy to use since you don’t have to change the amount of stretching force that is applied to the penis.

  • Lay the template around the flaccid penis shaft.
  • Remove the suction bell from the sealed wrapping.
  • Slip the protector cap over the glans (as shown in the inductions).
  • With the help of the suction bulb, put the unsheathed penis into the suction bell.
  • Roll the specially sealed condom over the penis shaft.
  • Remove the suction bulb from the suction bell.
  • Connect the suction bell to the clip on the belt.

My Phallosan Forte Results

I was using the Phallosan Forte for about six months. The extremely high quality is instantly visible while unpacking; the handling looks awkward at first, but within a couple of days, it becomes routine. Especially while rolling over the condom, it needs some caution and practice so as not to damage it in the long term.

Initially, my size was: flacid penis: 4.5 inch (11.5cm) in length and 3.6 inch (9cm) in girth; when erect: 6.3 inch (16cm) in length and 5.1 inch (13cm) in girth. In my view, the exact measurement is pointless since the size has already changed because of the temperature. There aren’t always constant measurement conditions.

Over the first two weeks, I wore the Phallosan Forte six days a week for three hours in the green range. Then, six days a week, for nine hours in the yellow/red range, switching between left and right. I can say that Phallosan Forte isn’t noticeable on regular jeans; a no-too-tight T-shirt above the jeans is a good idea as well. My skin responded slightly during the first week since I was still handling it clumsily. A few drops of Bepanthen ointment applied in the afternoon are helpful.

However, the comfort that I felt wearing this thing was unbelievable. I never thought that one day I would come across a penis extender that I could literally wear for hours straight, and it feels as though I’m not wearing anything.

After only a week, my penis looked longer than it used to be, and I could see that it was bigger, but I had held off from measuring because then I would end up measuring all the time, which is not good. I planned on measuring every 3 months so I could give my penis a bit of time to grow.

After 3 months, I was ready to get my first measurement. Flacid penis: 5.1 inch (13cm) in length and 4.1 inch (10.5cm) in girth; when erect: 6.9 inch (17.5cm) in length and 5.6 inch (14cm) in girth. Pretty good; the 0.6 inches are not only measured but also visible.

After six months of consistent wear, these are my results: Flacid penis: 5.7 inch (14.5cm) in length and 4.7 inch (12cm) in girth; when erect, it measures 7.7 inch (19.5cm) in length and 6.1 inch (15.5cm) in girth. It’s an incredible result in the end, especially since you don’t see the improvement visibly during the wearing period. To me, the goal had been achieved, so I’m now glad to not wear it any longer.

Conclusion: For sure, everyone reacts differently to this penis training, and the results will vary from case to case. However, with consistent use, you are likely to see a positive result. A few words about the much-discussed price: The purchase seems costly at first; however, the medically tested quality and results speak for themselves. With careful usage and applying some baby powder to the sleeve condoms, six-month usage is definitely achievable. I used two mediums and one large-sleeve condom. Also, Phallosan Forte is giving out four free sleeve condoms with every new order, or if you have purchased the device previously, you can contact them, and they will send out the four sleeve condoms to you for free.

This was my unbiased and honest review of my (extremely positive) results using Phallosan Forte.

Are There Any Side Effects?

You are naturally going to want to only use a device that is safe and will not cause any adverse side effects. The Phallosan Forte unit has the CE mark and is made to meet the medical standards of European health authorities.

The actual belt, which Phallosan Forte created, is formaldehyde-free, and the condoms used are also latex- and allergen-free. With Phallosan Forte, you will not see any side effects or experience any allergic reactions.

Results In Length And Girth

Though Phallosan Forte is recommended for a variety of reasons, you can achieve permanent results in penis length and girth in just a few months of proper use. For successful results, new cells must be made in the cavernous body inside the penis.

This is achieved through the vacuum and tensile force of the system. For several months of regular use, the penis’ newly formed cells allow for penis growth in both length and girth. The Phallosan Forte results are permanent, even after discontinuing its use.

Gains of between 0.8 and 1.2 inches can be achieved in just a few months. The simple formula for the success of wearing Phallosan over several months is as follows:

3 (months of wearing) plus X = permanent new cell formation, so that the effect is a permanent increase in length and girth.

What Does Phallosan Forte Do?

Corrects Peyronie’s Disease And Penile Curvature

Penile curvature occurs in two ways: first, it could be a result of Peyronie’s disease, and second, it could be caused by congenital curvature. While congenital curvature is something that one is born with, Peyronie’s disease begins after a minor injury to the penis, especially after rough sex.

According to statistics, at least 5% of men in the United States have the kind of penile curvature that could affect functionality during intercourse.

Penile traction therapy is the ideal kind of treatment because it is safe and non-invasive. With that in mind, this extender can help straighten a curved penis, even the type that would impair functionality during sex.

The Phallosan Forte exerts consistent tension on the penis and breaks the scar tissue. In the process, new tissue is developed, resulting in a straight penis.

Prevents Urological Surgery Side Effects

One of the side effects of bladder or prostate surgery is the shortening of the penis. In a few days, the tissue around the injury starts to shrink, which causes the penis to move around inside the body.

You will be happy to know that this device can reverse and stop scar retraction.

For the best results, doctors recommend that one use this extender immediately after the operation. However, if the damage has already occurred, this device can still help reverse it.

Enhances The Quality Of Erections

More than 30 million people in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction. Psychiatrists say habitat erectile dysfunction may lead to low self-esteem and a diminished sense of well-being. Physical problems can occasionally be the cause of this condition. If that is the case, this device can be used to remedy the situation.

Clinical trials show that Phallosan Forte improves sensitivity and blood circulation, leading to increased libido and harder erections.

Improves Self-Esteem

Size doesn’t matter. Really? That’s the oldest lie known to man. Of course, size does matter, and men have wanted larger penises for the longest time. For various reasons, the penis is referred to as one’s manhood. If you ask any man, they prefer a large “member”. Studies show that longer penises are associated with more confidence and higher self-esteem.

With this penis extender, you can have the manhood you’ve always wanted and have more confidence in taking off your clothes in the shower room.

What Will You Read In The Phallosan Forte Reviews?

After reading various online reviews from customers who purchased this penis system, almost 4 out of 5 customers stated that they loved Phallosan Forte, but there was, of course, a rather small percentage of men who didn’t get the expected results with Phallosan Forte.

Many men who use this are discovering that they are constantly recommending it because it does work for most people.

“I’ve been using Phallosan Forte for a year now, but I only use it at night due to my job. I’ve noticed that I’ve gained an inch in length when erect and half an inch when flaccid! I understand that putting in more hours can lead to better results, and I’m dedicated to giving it my all to achieve it.” Derek, US

“I’ve been using Phallosan Forte regularly, both during the day and at night, for a period of five months. I used to measure 4.8 inches, but now I’ve grown to 6.1 inches! I’m looking to increase my size by 7 inches, so I’m considering combining exercise and a healthy diet with this device. I just wanted to express my deep thanks for this amazing product.” Jonah, UK

“I was always very self-conscious of my size, and it got worse as the years went on. I stumbled upon Phallosan Forte and decided to give it a try. Within 2 months, I saw some great gains. Thanks!”
Todd, US

“I was very skeptical after trying three other extenders and getting no results. Phallosan Forte was going to be my last extender purchase! I’m happy to report that it actually works. After 6 months, I’ve gained nearly an inch in both length and girth. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the purchase!”
Frank, UK

So, all in all, the Phallosan Forte works for many men.

Where Should You Buy Phallosan Forte?

Purchasing Phallosan Forte from the manufacturer’s website is the best way to do so. You can buy Phallosan in three different varieties, including the following:

  • Phallosan Forte costs $390.
  • Phallosan Plus+ costs $120.
  • A combo of Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Plus+ costs $510.


If you have been trying to find a solution to your substantially small package for a long time, then Phallosan Forte is definitely for you. This provides you with a more painless and much easier route to penis enlargement without having to go through the hassle and expensive cost of going under the knife. Yes, the growth of your penis may be slow, but you will still get the same results as when you have surgery, but in a more convenient way.

Because Phallosan Forte is also a generally comfortable device to wear, you won’t ever have to worry about adjusting it now and then or have trouble sleeping because of it. You can even wear it at night and forget that you have it on. The belt is easily adjustable and fits nicely around your penis, which means that it will not be a hindrance to your blood flow, especially when you sleep.

You don’t have to keep subjecting yourself to the teasing and taunting that comes with every locker room discussion. You can be proud of who you are and what you have by doing something about it. Phallosan Forte gives you a great opportunity to experience a better physical image of yourself and enjoy better self-esteem in the process. You can certainly have a reason to be proud of yourself and your package with Phallosan Forte.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Phallosan Forte work?

It works, but not in a jiffy. Just like we need to spend a good few months at the gym to start seeing results, you would need to spend 4-6 months with Phallosan Forte for it to elongate your penis.

However, the good thing about this is that, unlike others that only focus on extending the shaft, this device also focuses on the head of the penis.

Besides this, it also helps straighten your penis if it is not already so. Thus, this device is designed to serve multiple purposes, and it works.

What about pain?

This is the best part of this product. Most of the devices that are in similar categories are very painful to use. The reason is simple. They all wrap your penis tightly and keep it in elongated positions for a long time so that it takes on its natural shape.

But this is not the case with Phallosan Forte. The package includes a suction bell and soft sleeves, both of which are very comfortable to wear and cause no pain.

So, you will not run away from this product. Instead, you will easily put it on (it takes just 30 seconds) and wear it throughout your day. There will be no discomfort at all.

The “No Pain, No Gain” saying kind of fails here. This product is guaranteed to bring you a lot of benefits, and it will do so without causing you any pain.

Is it worth your money?

I am pretty sure that you have already done your research on such products. No product is effective and cheap at the same time. If they are cheap, they probably won’t be of very good use.

And so, Phallosan Forte can’t be expected to be cheap. It is one investment you must make to develop your penis for your partner and realize your dream of having great sex.

So, overall, you should be ready to shell out $390 from your pocket to buy something that will remain invaluable for the rest of your life.

Are there any negatives you should be aware of?

Every coin has two sides, and so does Phallosan Forte. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before going for this:

  • Although it may not be painful, you have to wear it and carry it on your delicate body part for days, weeks, and even months.
  • You have to make a significant initial investment to get your hands on this.

Apart from these, the device is a keeper. It can change your sexual life completely, and you’ll only feel thankful later.

What if it does not work?

Many of you may doubt its effectiveness or relevance for you. I understand, and that is why I feel the need to mention that Phallosan Forte comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

I also know that you will find this hilarious because 14 days won’t bring any change to your penis size.

But in these 14 days, you can at least start using it, see if you are comfortable with it, and decide if you can continue using this product for the next half year.