My Honest Phallosan Forte Review & Results With Before And After Pictures!

There are so many different penis enlargement options currently available. Some recommend stretchers and others suggest penis pumps. Pumps are generally not recommended as they will not permanently increase penis size and can cause side effects.

Phallosan Forte is designed to combine the benefits of them both; it stretches the penis in a safe and controlled way to give you penis growth. It then uses a unique vacuum that can help increase blood flow, giving you a stronger and harder erection.

This review includes Phallosan Forte results with before and after pictures of real users, how does it work, clinical studies, and how to use it.

What Is Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is one of the most effective devices on the market today and it also works faster than any other product. It is categorized as a Class 1 medical device, as it is used medically for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

This device is a much safer alternative compared to other medical treatments like surgical procedures and medication. The materials used for Phallosan Forte have all been clinically tested and proven to be safe. It passes all medical standards of European health authorities, so you can be assured that this device is safe to use. Since it does not hinder blood circulation to the penile area, you won’t experience any discomfort even if you get an erection with this device on.

Key Features And Benefits

Below you can find an overview of the benefits that you could see with Phallosan Forte.

  • Patented Orthopaedic Belt System, Combined With Vacuum Protector
  • Clinical Studies Carried Out By A German Urological Clinic
  • It Carries The CE Symbol – Meeting Medical Requirements Of European Health Authorities
  • Featured In Magazines Such As “MensHealth”
  • Low Priced Compared To Other Devices
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Shipped Discreetly With No Indication Of Its Contents.

How Does This Stretching Device Work?

The Phallosan Forte system is designed to apply a continued stretch to the penis; this stimulates the penis tissues to form new cells. By applying this continued stretch the penis will increase in both length and girth.

Phallosan Forte uses a patented orthopedic belt to stretch the penis. This proves to be painless and comfortable. Unlike many penis stretchers, this makes it possible for you to wear Phallosan Forte at night while you are asleep.

The device should be worn for a minimum of 6 hours per day, although the recommended time is 10. As the device uses the belt system to hold the penis in place, it can be worn throughout the day unnoticeable.

The specially designed belt is of stretch type and is formaldehyde-free, and the materials within the system are well tolerated and tested for biocompatibility. The counter support of the specially designed textile stretch belt is designed with medical foam silicone, and the clip is nickel-free. The condoms used for suction are of a bell-shaped design and are free of allergens and latex.

How To Use?

Phallosan Forte is very easy to use since you don’t have to change the amount of stretching force that is applied to the penis.

  • Lay the template around the flaccid penis shaft.
  • Removesuction bell from the sealed wrapping.
  • Slip the protector cap over the glans – see inductions.
  • Now insert the unsheathed penis into the suction bell with the aid of the suction bulb.
  • Roll the special sealed condom over the penis shaft.
  • Remove the suction bulb from the suction bell.
  • Connect the suction bell to the clip on the belt.

Are There Any Side Effects?

You are naturally going to want to only use a device that is safe and will not cause any adverse side effects. The Phallosan Forte unit carries the CE mark and is manufactured according to the medical requirements of European health authorities.

The actual belt was developed for Phallosan Forte and is free of formaldehyde; the condoms used are also allergen and latex-free. With Phallosan Forte, you will not see any side effects or experience any allergic reactions.

Phallosan Forte Is Recommended For:

  • Penis curvature correction or (Peyronie’s Disease)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Post treatment of prostate surgery
  • Small Penis
  • Subjective penile deficiency
  • Buried penis (concealed or retracted penis)
  • Calluses (plaques) on the penis

Results In Length And Girth

Though Phallosan Forte is recommended for a variety of reasons, you can achieve permanent results in penis length and girth in just months of proper use. For successful results, new cells must be formed in the cavernous body within the penis.

This is achieved through the vacuum and tensile force of the system. Over a period of several months of regular use, the penis’ newly formed cells allow for penis growth in both length and girth. The results are permanent even after discontinuing the use of Phallosan.

Gains of between 0.8-1.2 inches can be achieved in just a few months. The simple formula for the success of wearing Phallosan over several months is as follows:

3 (months wearing) plus X= permanent new cell formation, so that the effect is a permanent increase in length and girth

What Does The Media Have To Say About Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, such as Men’s Health, Medical Practice Urology Nephrology, Manner magazine, and the medical tribune, just to name a few.

The product was also featured on television shows, one of such being a popular show in Germany called the “Brisant” show, where a man talks about his positive Phallosan Forte reviews and attests to the effectiveness of using Phallosan.

Phallosan Forte Versus Sizegenetics

Due to the fact that Sizegenetics may well be the most popular conventional extender available, people may be curious to how well it stacks up against the Phallosan Forte. Without a doubt, Sizegenetics is a quality product that is proven to be effective, but still relying on a traditional rod system means it has inherited many of the flaws associated with that design. Even as new tweaks have been introduced to make it less uncomfortable, in the end, it really never comes anywhere close to matching the degree of comfort offered by the Phallosan Forte.

When evaluating penis extenders, one shouldn’t downplay the importance of comfort. Wearing these devices at least 6 hours per day is recommended to obtain meaningful results, something that is very difficult to do when relying on older designs that use a silicone noose to hold your penis. It becomes inevitable that strangling your manhood in such a way cuts circulation and causes discomfort. This makes them difficult to keep on for more than a few hours at a time without having to make some adjustments during that period.

By contrast, instead of tying the penis down to secure it, the Phallosan Forte uses gentle vacuum pressure that is distributed across the head evenly. This offers an unsurpassed level of comfort that makes it possible for users to wear it for extended periods. The ability to meet your daily usage goals without pain promotes more consistent use, which translates to quicker results. When your extender is too painful to wear, you’re more likely to use it less often than you should and possibly even quit.

Getting Bigger While Sleeping

From a practical standpoint, Phallosan Forte offers 2 crucial advantages when compared to Sizegenetics. Definitely, the most appealing one is that it can be worn while sleeping. The importance of this advantage can’t be overstated. Night-time wearability means you can get bigger while sleeping and usually end up reaching your daily usage target before your day even begins. The bulk of conventional extenders makes them difficult to sleep with comfortably, with the added problem that they have the tendency to come off whenever you have an involuntary nighttime erection.

Secondly, due to it being less bulky than Sizegenetics, wearing it under your clothes is more discreet, which is an important consideration for men with jobs. Many reasons may prevent some men from taking advantage of using the Phallosan Forte at night, while others may just want to log more time. The ability to wear it discreetly when away from home gives these men added flexibility. By doing some simple math, it’s easy to see that if you exclude work and sleep hours within a day, little time remains to wear your extender long enough to meet your daily quota.

The Best Choice: Phallosan Forte

If overall results are the determining factor, they are literally tied, and choosing either one will be a good decision. One might even rightfully suggest that Sizegenetics has a slight edge in terms of ease of use. However, the superior comfort of the Phallosan Forte combined with the advantage of nighttime use definitely gives it the overall edge. Taking all the reasons mentioned into account, I have no reservations in declaring the Phallosan Forte to be the obvious winner.

An important point that potential users should be aware of is that it is more effective at promoting gains in length but less so for girth. No doubt that girth will also be enhanced to a lesser extent, but it simply wasn’t designed to focus on that aspect. When increasing girth is your predominant objective, the use of a hydro pump like the Bathmate or Penomet will offer superior results. On a personal level, I prefer the Bathmate due to its comfort and the fact that it feels like a more durable product.

What Will You Read In The Phallosan Forte Reviews?

After reading various online Phallosan Forte reviews of customers who actually purchased this penis system, almost 4 out of 5 customers stated that they totally loved Phallosan Forte, but there was, of course, a rather small percentage of men who didn’t get the expected results with Phallosan Forte.

With that being said, many men that use this are discovering that they are constantly recommending it because, obviously, it does work for most people.

“I was always very self conscious of my size and it got worse as the years went on. I stumbled upon Phallosan Forte and decided to give it a try. Within 2 months, I saw some great gains. Thanks!!“
Todd, US

“I was very skeptical after trying THREE other extenders and getting no results. Phallosan Forte was going to be my last extender purchase! I’m happy to report it actually works. After 6 months, I’ve gained nearly an inch in both length and girth. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the purchase!!“
Frank, UK

So, all in all, the Phallosan Forte system seems to be one that works for many men.

Phallosan Forte Before And After

Below are 3 before and after pictures of people who used Phallosan Forte.


If you have been trying to find a solution to your substantially small package for a long time, then Phallosan Forte is definitely for you. This provides you with a more painless and much easier route to penis enlargement without having to go through the hassle and expensive cost of going under the knife. Yes, the increase in length may be gradual, but you will experience the same results as when you undergo surgery—but in a more convenient way.

Because Phallosan Forte is also a generally comfortable device to wear, you won’t ever have to worry about adjusting it every now and again or have trouble sleeping because of it. In fact, you can even wear it at night and even forget that you have it on. The belt is easily adjustable and adjusts to your penis nicely, which means that it will not be a hindrance to your blood flow, especially when you sleep.

You don’t have to keep subjecting yourself to the teasing and taunting that comes with every locker room discussion. You can be proud of who you are and what you have by doing something about it. Phallosan Forte gives you a great opportunity to experience a better physical image of yourself and enjoy better self-esteem in the process. You can certainly have a reason to be proud of yourself and your package with Phallosan Forte.